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RGT Guitar Exam Grade Closing Dates, Rockschool, Trinity and LCM Classical

Closing Date Guitar Guitar Exam RGT closing dates rgt exams rockschool

Closing dates for RGT, Rockschool, LCM and Trinity Guitar Exams


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RGT Grade Exam closing dates

Closing Date Guitar Exam Guitar grades RGT RGT closing dates rgt exams

The closing dates are approaching for the Summer exam season, RGT is on the 1st May 2017, which is for exams in the next few months. We have the full range in stock here including Electric Acoustic Rock Ukulele Bass and Classical. If you leave your exam entry until the last minute, don't worry. Let us know when you buy your book and we will forward you the entry code and you can enter the exam online and the book will follow a few days later, saving you time and possibly money on a late entry fee!

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Summertime Blues

Blues Blues Guitar Coldplay fast picking Guitar How to play blues new products new social rgt rgt exams rockschool store news stylus picks tab books U2

In the best possible way of course! It's those long evenings, sat outside in the sun, ice cold beer on the patio beside you and your guitar on your lap. Perfect for strumming the Blues! So why not get yourself one of our books for playing the blues, what could possibly be cooler than that? We have a great selection here so go have a look. Don't forget to have a go with a stylus pick too. We're very proud of these devices and as soon as people get them in their hands, within just a few minutes they are singing...

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RGT and Rockschool Guitar grades

rgt rgt exams rockschool

What are the closing dates for Guitar grade entry forms? Well, for the main exam bodies for guitar exams in the UK (and beyond) there tend to be 3 examination periods a year for all of them. Each one has slightly different closing dates and examination periods, so here we aim to collate all the relevant information in one handy place for you to bookmark and have available for easy reference. RGT EXAMS Examination dates Latest Date for receipt of entry Spring: March / April Summer: June / July Winter: November / December 1st February 1st May 1st October     These...

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Grade Exams for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele

rgt rgt exams rockschool stylus picks

   It's exam season again and luckily we have a good stock of everything you could possibly need for the upcoming closing dates! The ever popular RGT and Rockschool grade books are excellent ways to keep on top of your skills and provide a structured way to improve your playing, as well as giving you the chance to earn an accredited qualification accepted at all academic institutions.   For the higher levels, the exams are also worth UCAS points, very handy if you are planning to go onto university to study any subject, not just for music related courses. So...

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