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RGT Guitar Exam Grade Closing Dates, Rockschool, Trinity and LCM Classical

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What are the closing dates for Guitar grade entry forms?

Well, for the main exam bodies for guitar exams in the UK (and beyond) there tend to be 3 examination periods a year for all of them. Each one has slightly different closing dates and examination periods, so here we aim to collate all the relevant information in one handy place for you to bookmark and have available for easy reference.


Examination dates Latest Date for receipt of entry
Spring: March / April
Summer: June / July
Winter: November / December
1st February
1st May
1st October


  These dates apply for all RGT exam syllabuses including Electric, Acoustic, Rock, Ukulele and Bass. If you are or are able to apply through a registered RGT tutor, there are an additional 7 days after the normal closing date to get your entries in. For the latest information and prices check here.

Get your books via these links Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Rock Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar and Classical.

All books ordered within 2 weeks of the closing date will also receive the unique online entry code via email upon dispatch allowing you to enter the exam as soon as you buy the book.


Closing dates for the Classical Guitar exams are the same as the RGT listed above, further details are available here.

Classical guitar grade books can be ordered here.





For the latest list of fees click here. These dates apply to all instruments on the Rockschool list of instruments.

*NOTE* Closing dates for Rockschool are often extended by up to 14 days, so if you think you might have just missed the deadlines above, it's worth just checking as you may still be able to get your entry in.


Exam dates for Trinity exams vary from location to location, with all of them having different closing dates and actual sitting dates. The good news is that you can see what day your exam will be on before you book it on their website. To find all the dates in your area click here and follow the easy instructions.

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  • Marcus on

    Thanks for creating this blog post. This is super useful for not only teachers like myself, but also for students that take these exams, and use multiple syllabi.

  • Jon Burnett on

    Thanks for this info! Very hancy to have all in one place :) Cheers

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