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How to enter an RGT Grade Exam for Guitar, Bass or Ukulele

  If you are thinking of entering any of the RGT Grade exams, then this is the guide for you. Assuming you are ready to apply for entry and know the songs/scales/chords etc as requested in the grade book then applying to sit your exam is a relatively easy and straightforward process.

  The easiest and quickest way is to apply online. In each grade book on the last page there is an entry form for that particular grade.

  On the form is a unique 8 character code. The first character denotes the specific instrument exam you are applying for.

E=Electric Guitar, U=Ukulele, A=Acoustic, R=Rock, B=Bass. The second character indicates the grade level N=Initial, P=Preliminary, A=Grade 1, B=Grade 2 and so on with H=Grade 8.

  The remaining 6 digits are the unique identifier for your particular book. Each code can only be used once, so beware if buying grade books second hand - It might not be valid for your exam!

  You need to register with the RGT to enter online, this only needs to be done once and your details will be saved for any further exams you might wish to enter. You can register or enter your exam here.

  Next, you can pick when you would like to sit your grade from the 3 time periods A, B and C available throughout the year. Full details of these and the closing dates for applications can be found on out blog post here.

  You can provide dates that you cannot make it to sit your exam, for example if you are going away on holiday, or have to sit a school exam. So be sure to enter these dates on your entry form BUT be aware that if you block out huge time periods (e.g. All of May, or every weekend) you might get refused entry or have to sit the exam at a center that is far away from you!!

 Once you have selected your exam period, all you need to do is pay. Current fees are available here

  Once you have entered, don't panic if you don't hear anything back for a few weeks, it takes a lot of planning to accommodate all the entries in any area, so sit back and use the time to keep practicing for your exam.

  And there you have it. If you have any questions or want to add anything to this guide, be sure to add a comment below and we'll answer it for you.

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