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How to get better on the guitar

rgt exams rockschool stylus picks's a common enough question and we all wonder about it at some point. Luckily GuitarBooksDirect has a few ideas and products to help you along. If you have trouble with your picking hand or just want to improve your alternate picking, there is no better device available than the stylus pick, quite simply it is the BEST way to improve your picking motion in just a few sessions of use. Try one and see how much you can improve.

   Another mistake a lot of guitarists make is to keep practicing the same thing over and over that they are already good at, when they should be practicing things they find difficult. We're all guilty of this, it's more instantly gratifying to hear ourselves play something well isn't it? Finding inspiration to practice something new and a bit out of our "Comfort zone" can be a challenge, so why not try our Finger Fitness Guitar Workout book? A superb collection of comprehensive technical exercises for guitarist and at just £7.49, it's got to be worth a try!

   How about attempting a guitar grade to see how good you really are? Both the Rockschool and RGT exam boards offer examinations from total beginner up to advanced levels. The closing dates for the next session on both of these is coming up really soon in the next few months so hurry up and get your copy NOW.


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