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Grade Exams for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele

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   It's exam season again and luckily we have a good stock of everything you could possibly need for the upcoming closing dates! The ever popular RGT and Rockschool grade books are excellent ways to keep on top of your skills and provide a structured way to improve your playing, as well as giving you the chance to earn an accredited qualification accepted at all academic institutions.

  For the higher levels, the exams are also worth UCAS points, very handy if you are planning to go onto university to study any subject, not just for music related courses. So why not give yourself every chance to attain a high grade by incorporating a STYLUS PICK into your practice regime? These amazing aids help improve picking efficiency without you having to do a great deal of new effort, the pick actually helps to improve if you use it correctly, and stops you if you use it wrong - BRILLIANT!!!

  So get going, closing dates for exams are closing in, get your entry in soon!

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