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Happy New Year, why not make a guitar resolution?

Welcome in 2016, will you be a better guitarist at the end of it though, or just keep practicing the same old licks thast you know and love? As much fun and satisfying as it is to play what you are already good at, you will be surprised how trying something out of your guitar comfort zone will improve your playing. It can even open up whole new possibilities and expand your listening horizons too!

 Why not try really going for something off the wall like Country Guitar? It's a good challenge for players who feel they are up to it and our book really goes into the technique and details of it - You don't think bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd could perform "Sweet Home Alabama" without these chops?

 How about really pushing the boundaries with a technical workout book, page after page of proven exercises to really hone in those picking skills and giving a great skills booster for both hands.

Of course, you could still always try the grades for guitar, we stock RGT and Rockschool, so see if you can do better than the accepted rule of thumb of one grade a year rate of progress, try and pass 2 exams and rise above the norm!!

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Happy pickings,

Simon (GBD)


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