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Rockschool Bass Grade 7 Seven Exam Book and CD

Rockschool Bass Grade 7 Seven Exam Book and CD

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Rockschool Bass Grade 7 Handbook

The Bass Grade 7 book will help you on your way to mastering the challenging techniques and theory you'll come across in your Grade 7 exam, which will earn you UCAS points towards a university application.

What you'll learn at Grade 7

  • Intricate fingerstyle, montuno lines, harmonics

  • Lydian, Phrygian mode, Major scale and Jazz Melodic Minor scale, Major 9th, Minor 9th and Dominant 9th arpeggios

  • Dominant 7th, Major 7th and Minor 7th chords

  • Stylistic Study

  • Session work

Bass Grade 7 features:

  • Six Performance Pieces, six styles of rock and pop

  • Fact Files: background information on each style with recommended listening

  • Walkthroughs: hints and tips on the tricky sections of the Performance Pieces

  • CD with full mixes and backing tracks

  • Introduction to tone: full amp-setting suggestions

  • World class musicians, top-flight production

  • Plot your stylistic specialism up through the grades

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