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lcm rgt electric guitar preliminary step grade book

RGT LCM Electric Guitar Playing Preliminary Step Grade Exam Book


Registry Of Guitar Tutors (RGT) LCM Electric Guitar Playing Preliminary Step Grade Exam Book

 - This book is part of a progressive series of nine handbooks designed for guitarists who wish to develop their playing and obtain a qualification. Although the primary intention of these handbooks is to prepare candidates for the exams, the series also provides a comprehensive learning structure that will help develop the abilities of any guitarist interested in music, whether or not intending to take an exam.
  • NEW 2019 edition - unique cover art on each book
  • Helps to develop all aspects of guitar playing.
  • Increase your knowledge of specialist guitar techniques.
  • Aids in the understanding of music theory that relates to electric guitar playing.
  • Enables you to achieve your full potential as a guitarist.
 - Covers all the material needed for the RGT electric guitar examination, enabling you to study for an internationally recognised qualification.
 - The series of handbooks provides an unrivalled source of theoretical knowledge and practical insight into electric guitar playing.

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