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Rockschool Bass Debut Grade Exam Book

Rockschool Bass Debut Grade Exam Book

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Rockschool Bass Debut Grade Handbook

The Bass Debut Grade book is your passport to success for Rockschool's Debut Grade exam. It covers all the core techniques required for playing beginner rock, pop, metal, country, indie and hip hop basslines.

What you'll learn at Debut

  • Note values, string crossing and rests

  • Major scale, minor pentatonic scale, major and minor arpeggios, riff playing

  • Playback skills

Bass Debut features:

  • Six Performance Pieces, six styles of rock and pop

  • Fact Files: background information on each style with recommended listening

  • Walkthroughs: hints and tips on the tricky sections of the Performance Pieces

  • Downloadable mixes and backing tracks

  • Introduction to tone: full amp-setting suggestions

  • World-class musicians, top-flight production

  • Plot your stylistic specialism up through the grades

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