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Guitar Workout Book - Technical Exercises For Guitarists


 Guitar Technique Explained - Finger Fitness for Guitarists.


 - Need a routine to help you focus and get the best from your practice session?
Sometimes we just practice what we're good at because, well, we're good at it!! When what we really need to do is work on things we're NOT so good at. That's where this book comes into its own. No more looking for inspiration elsewhere then getting side-lined, this carefully collected set of exercises will help you improve by making your practice sessions more effective.
 -  This Book is the ideal accompaniment to anyone wishing to improve their playing and perfect the techniques needed to master high speed picking.
 - Provides pages of exercises, great for incorporating into your daily practice regime and a natural companion to the STYLUS PICK.

  - Explains how to attain ultimate technique and aims to teach you a number of tricks you can use to improve your agility on the fretboard and strengthen both hands, helping to make YOU a better player. 
- Ideal for both the novice player and as a reference book for the more advanced guitarist too.



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